Amazon carries just about anything and everything. It is no surprise that they have products that you never knew you needed for your car - whether it be organizational or just luxurious. 

We’ve compiled a shortlist of 10 things you need for your car! (They are not arranged in any particular order.)

FM Transmitter for Bluetoothless Cars

In today's world, where everyone is constantly connected to their handheld devices but the roads are handsfree, Bluetooth comes in handy. Not all cars are Bluetooth capable so a simple FM Transmitter is a quick and cost-effective way to make your car handsfree.
This particular transmitter just plugs into the car socket (or cigarette lighter) and then, once a station is picked, the radio just needs to be tuned to that station and the phone connected to the equipment via Bluetooth and it will create a hands-free environment.

 Car Safety Hammer

Although no one hopes for a car accident, things happen and it is better to prepare for the worst and not have it happen than not be prepared at all.
This multi-tool is a definite must-have in every car. It features an end is a seat belt cutter for cutting a seat belt if stuck; and, the other end is the window breaker tool with two hardened sharp and heavy carbon steel points. 

Jumper Cables

Basic jumper cables are an essential tool to have in a vehicle. Whether you or someone around you needs them, they are great to have in emergencies (or even just for convenience). If you’re looking for something that costs a little more, they have more advanced options for jumper cables.

Roadside Kit

This kit includes a variety of items that are helpful when roadside emergencies happen. While this kit includes some of the objects we’ve previously mentioned, it also includes others we have not like a first aid kit, road signals, and mini took kit. 

Blindspot Mirrors

These are an inexpensive way to make it safer to drive your car. They just stick onto your side-view mirrors and allow both blindspots to be seen better while looking back. (You should still always look over your shoulder, but these are helpful!)
Blindspot mirrors come in a variety of shapes and sizes so there is one for every type of vehicle. 

USB Charger

With today’s society being so intertwined and involved with their cell phones, having a USB charger is a must so the phone never loses its charge completely.
It is also great to have a charger for other items that you might need to plug in - laptop, camera batteries, oil diffuser, or a heated thermos. 

Seat Gap Filler

How many times have you lost something in the gap between your seat and your center console? Probably enough times to get frustrated just reading that question.
This nifty Amazon find is here to solve all of your seat gap nightmares. It sits down in the gap and so anything that falls, will fall into its pocket or stay on the seat. This particular one also comes with a cup holder and two USB ports. 

Mirror Dash Cam

This item is a little higher priced but it adds a nice luxury to any vehicle. Turn your rearview into a camera screen so you can see what is behind you even clearer. 
It has night vision and can also help with parking. It is not a necessity but it is nice to have and can make your driving experience more enjoyable. 

Car Trash Can

Ever feel like you are constantly filling your car with trash or keep trying to remember to throw empty water bottles or cups away? Having a small car trash can help solve that problem!
This one just clips around the back of your seats or center console and can hold the daily pieces of trash you accumulate in your car.

Detailing Putty

Keeping a car clean is like keeping your house clean - it requires time and effort. Often, car cleanings are left on the back burner because of the time or tools it might require.
This detailing putty makes cleaning your car a breeze because it sticks to the little crumbs or dust particles as you wipe it over everything. It’s quick and simple and takes no time at all so keeping your car clean has never been easier.

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