1968 Ford Mustang

The 1968 model year brought on a wave of new safety features for the Ford Mustang. This year was the first time that shoulder seat belts were included in every Mustang, rather than as an optional feature. Side marker lights were added to the Mustang for the first time, along with an all new two-spoke energy-absorbing steering wheel. The ‘68 also featured an AM/FM radio and a rear windshield defogger.

The 302 engine was introduced along with the 1968 model - it would replace the 289 by December. The standard 302 engine gave even more powerful to the Mustang, which had gained a more powerful appearance with the 1967 redesign. This year also saw the introduction of some brand new high-performance Mustangs, like the 428 Cobra Jet Mustang, which was a huge star on drag strips - without any alterations. The 1968 California Special Mustang (GT/CS), a coupe, also came onto the scene, though only through the California Ford dealers. It featured a Shelby-styled deck lid and spoiler and a blacked out grille, and fewer than 4,500 were produced. Denver, CO also created their own special version of the ‘68 Mustang, that shared many features with the GT/CS. A GT Mustang with a 390 engine made an appearance and an impression in the Warner Bros. movie “Bullitt,” which inspired more than one special edition Mustang in the early 2000s.