1969 Chevrolet Camaro

The 1969 model year gave the Camaro a sporty makeover, and saw a major return in sales numbers. Despite the changes, the 1969 models are still considered to be part of the first generation of Camaros. The major mechanical changes that came along in ‘68 stayed the same for the most part, but an all-new sheet metal covered the car other than the hood and trunk lid. The interior sported new, comfier seating and a newly redesigned dashboard. The design featured thin three-block tail lights and larger, rounded headlights. Those headlights - for the first and only model year - featured headlight wipers, that functioned much like windshield wipers. These headlight washers were available on all of the RS models, but could also be purchased separately. Thanks to re-worked body panels, rear quarter panels, and a valance panel in the rear, this version of the Camaro flaunted a lower, wider, more aggressive stance and look. This aesthetic only stuck around for the ‘69 model year - resulting in an ongoing debate among collectors about whether the softer, rounded look of ‘67-’68 is preferable to the sportier look of the ‘69 - those in support of the 1969 model often consider it one of the most beautiful cars to ever hit the market.

This model year brought back the RS, SS, and Z/28 options. There were more engine options this year than ever before, and the Camaro saw an incredible rise in popularity. Out of the first generation of Camaros, the 1969 saw the highest sales volume. 243,085 units were sold between the end of September ‘68 and the end of November ‘69. This production total remained a record for the Camaro until 1978.