Chevrolet C10s For Sale

The Chevrolet pickup experienced an evolution in the model year 1960. Chevrolet introduced the world to the C/K series lineup: The “C” stood for two-wheel-drive and the “K” for four-wheel-drive. The most popular of this series was the C10. The half-ton truck with a 6.5 or 8 foot cargo box became a dependable standard for many, and remained essentially the same until it was replaced by the ‘98 Silverado.

The Chevy pickups of the 50’s were mostly reiterations of the post-war models of the late ‘40s, but the C10 was an entirely new truck. The C10 had better weight distribution thanks to an increase in the load capacity of the front axle, adding quite a few inches (5.6) to the front, and moving the front axle back. The cab was made larger in the interest of comfort, and the windshield size was increased. Chevy also added rear window glass to vastly improve visibility. The nine foot box was only offered as a Stepside. The Fleetside cargo box was available only on half- and 3/4-ton pickups. Fleetside pickup boxes continued to be available with either steel floors or with optional wood floors protected with recessed steel skid strips.

The most common C10 was a half-ton, short-bed pickup, but there were other options. The C10 featured a 115-inch wheelbase for the pickup equipped with the 6.5-foot bed and a 127-inch wheelbase for models with the 8-foot bed. Chevy sold pickups as a chassis and cab that required buyers to custom-fit their choice of beds. Other styles featured the Fleetside, or flat panel cargo box, and the Stepside, which had the rear wheels outside the bed and a step mounted between the cab and wheelwells. C10 models also included a panel truck and the Suburban sport utility vehicle.

The later years of the ‘60s saw the Glamour Truck Era, in which pickups transition from a position of strictly utilitarian purpose into a more, well, glamorous one. The 1967 Chevrolet pickups were considered “a new concept in personalized pickups.” They were shaped differently, at a lower height for convenience. Chevrolet was moving towards the comfortable and personalized nature of the ‘68. The 1968 C10 Custom Sport Truck model featured a smoother ride, and some interior comforts that had previously only appeared in Chevrolet’s passenger specific cars. By this time, Chevrolet intended the C10 to function not only as a pickup, but also as a second family vehicle. Also in 1968, Chevrolet celebrated it’s 50th Anniversary as a truck manufacturer.